Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Assignments 10/19-10/21

Aleatory operations have been used by many poets. They are a way, like many poets' techniques, of trying to short circuit the conscious mind. For your new poem, due Monday the 19th, use the words generated by the random word generator in class on the 14th. (If you weren't there, get them from someone.) Use one of the words per line, use all the words, and do not reuse any words.

On 10/19, group two will present poems. For 10/21, read the assigned poems and essay by Charles Olson - all in the Hoover anthology. This is an important moment in the "controversy," because Olson's style, and the style of the "Black Mountain" poets who followed him, remains uniquely inspiring to younger poets. Feel free to write your response to the poems in a projective style! Even if you don't, be ready to comment on the poetry. We will probably spend the most time on Olson's essay and the poems of Robert Creeley in class.

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