Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Assignment for 10/12 - 10/14

Please read this article by the poet Robert Duncan by the poet Michael Palmer. It relates Mr. Duncan's poetry to the idea of "fission" or synthesis from Shelley's "Defence." I am assigning two poets who were teachers of mine - Robert Duncan and Robert Kelly. Please read all works by both in the Hoover anthology. Also, I want to add the earlier "imagist" poet, Hilda Doolittle, better known as H.D. I have posted her poems on blackboard under resources. All of these poets use myth. Write some general thoughts about each poet. Then pick out passages you find striking or which give you hints for poetry - from each poet. Comment on the passages in whatever way you like - you can comment by writing prose or a response in verse. Be ready to share at least one passage in class.

For your poem due 10/12 (or 10/14 for group one), please try to incorporate a mythic element. You can do this in numerous ways. It doesn't have to be a specific reference to Hercules or something like that. It can merely be a sense of the order of nature (however you interpret this).

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