Thursday, October 29, 2009

Assignments up to 11/4

1. Poem for Monday 11/2: any poem, but use "deep" or unreal images. Here's an exercise to get to them. Do some automatic writing - writing for five minutes without stopping and without editing or worrying if it makes sense. Then dig through what you've written to find images. Put them in a poem.

2. Tough assignment for Wednesday: start early. Carefully read the "prosody reading" posted under "resources" on blackboard. Expect this to be confusing: write at least two questions about prosody in your response. Read the sonnets posted in resources. Pick two sonnets and do a prosodic analysis of each one. That means: trace all the heavily stressed, lightly stressed, and unstressed syllables. It's most important to look for irregularities in the rhythm and think about how they emphasize or contrast with the words of each line. That's how metrics works - more about breaking the rules than following them.

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