Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poetry Assignment; for Tuesday the 29th

Everyone who is not in Group 3: For Tuesday (which takes the place of Monday as the day when your poems are due), bring in 2 copies of a poem with a central conceit - as we discussed in relation to Donne's "Canonization." A conceit is very flexible. This doesn't mean you must write a Donne-like poem. You can do almost anything with it - just so you build the whole poem around it.

Everyone should do every assignment every class day: otherwise you won't get much from the class and will end up below the "B" range. Sure, you can miss a couple responses (not poems), but as it is I get 5-6 per class, which means that more than half the class is just lurking. There's no "catching up" in a workshop - it's a process. If you have trouble with poetry (you're not alone), make an appointment with me. I've studied this stuff for ages and can explain things a lot better one-on-one, and I'm always available to meet: take advantage of the fact that I have no life.

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